Chartered Professionals
in Human Resources


The Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHRTM) designation is a nationally-recognized level of achievement within the field of human resources.

The essential career companion

Harness your experience, test your knowledge and build essential competencies for today’s challenging business environments. CPHR vaults members to new career heights. It can do the same for you.

Earn more and get promoted faster.

A 2016 salary survey conducted by Insights West, contrasted the career trajectories and income levels of those with and without the CPHR designation.

  • Nationally, CPHR designation holders earn $93K compared to $72K for non-CPHR holders. That is an average of 23% more earnings.
  • The higher up the ladder, the more prevalent the CPHR designation. More than 70% of senior HR leaders, including the executive suite, hold the CPHR designation, contrasted with only 30% of HR administrators.
  • More than 70% of those with a CPHR agree that the designation has benefited their career and are significantly more likely to work in management positions.

Business values CPHR. Initiate your career advantage today.