Volunteering at CPHR BC & Yukon allows you to further your professional development, share your knowledge of human resources and expand your network of business associates while supporting the delivery of the association’s programs and services.

Volunteer commitments may also qualify for CPD hours. There are several kinds of volunteer opportunities for members to consider: ongoing (usually a minimum one-year term commitment), or ad hoc (one-off events or commitments).

CPHR BC & Yukon values diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and we are attuned to the strength and value that DEI brings to our association. In an effort to effectively represent our membership, and encourage diverse perspectives, CPHR BC & Yukon is committed to being inclusive at all levels. It is very important that our advocacy and programming efforts are inclusive of all people, especially those from communities that have been traditionally marginalized. We invite participation from members of all ethnicities, genders, ages, abilities, religions, and sexual orientation and encourage those interested in volunteering to share any relevant information about lived experience or background in the more information section at the end of the volunteer interest form.

Thank you for considering volunteering with your professional association! Most volunteer opportunities that are open for applicants are announced in your regional newsletter, so be sure to sign up to receive this in the Member’s Only section of the website.

Here are a few examples of volunteer opportunities that you might consider applying for:

Any calls for volunteers are sent out in our bi-monthly regional member newsletters and/or listed below. Please ensure you are subscribed to the newsletter to receive these opportunities.

Student Ambassadors
Visit our Student Connections Page for more information. Positions open until filled.

Conference Volunteers
Call for Conference Volunteers are now open until January 31st, 2024.

Calling all Mentors!
Our 2024 Professional Mentoring program is seeking mentors to participate in our first cohort of the year supporting protégé applicants. Applications for both mentors and proteges open Jan 8th – 19th. Info sessions are being held Jan 8th or 17th. Please visit our mentoring page for more information.

For future opportunities, please watch the newsletter for calls for volunteers or complete the forms below for your region.

  • Lower Mainland, Interior, North and Southern BC region and Yukon members – see your MRM newsletter for openings and applications or above.
  • Vancouver Island – apply here

The Professional Mentoring Program (PMP) links an established human resources professional (mentor) with an emerging HR practitioner (protege) and provides the match with a framework to guide both participants through the development of the relationship. The benefits to mentoring are numerous and mentors are always needed. Intake of mentors and protege applications happen in mid November of each year. More information can be found on the mentoring page of our website.

Roundtables and communities of practice are groups of CPHR BC & Yukon members who meet on a regular basis to discuss HR issues of mutual interest. The focus can be an area of practice, industry sector, or type of practice. Any member is welcome to submit a proposal to host a roundtable or community of practice. Member Relation Managers recruit for new hosts to take over from a volunteer who is stepping down or coming to the end of their term.

Volunteers ensure the smooth operation of the annual CPHR BC & Yukon Conference & Expo. Duties may include the setup and monitoring of session rooms, exhibitor support, onsite registration assistance, access control and providing information and directions for conference delegates. Volunteers commit to 25-30 hours over the course of three days. Conference volunteers are selected based on their history of engagement and other volunteer contributions to CPHR BC & Yukon. Applications will be accepted until January 31, 2024 for the 2024 Conference.

CPHR BC & Yukon’s Board of Directors and committees are composed of member volunteers with specified qualifications and experiences. Volunteers are selected based on recommendations from the Advisory Councils and CPHR BC & Yukon staff. The following committees are served by volunteer members: HR Spotlight Committee, Professional Mentoring Program Committee, Conference Advisory Committee, CPHR Audit Committee, Validation of Experience Review Committee, Regional Advisory Councils and other general portfolio/programming committees as needed in each region. Calls for expressions of interest are sent out on an as-needed basis for these committees, so be sure to keep your email up to date to receive these notices.

PeopleTalk magazine and PeopleTalk online have a variety of writing opportunities throughout the year. For more information about writing for us, please review our writer guidelines along with how to apply/whom to contact.

CPHR BC & Yukon is divided into eight geographical regions to maximize our ability to address the needs of our membership and to create an efficient and effective model to offer services and networking opportunities. 

Learn more about CPHR BC & Yukon Regional Advisory Councils

Opportunities Outside of CPHR BC & Yukon

CPHR BC & Yukon encourages our members to volunteer in the community.

If your organization has a human resources volunteer opportunity you are looking to fill and wish to share with our members, please fill out the form below for consideration to be included in a regional member newsletter.