I am a CPHR candidate

To become a CPHR Candidate, you must be a member of CPHR BC & Yukon and:

CPHR Candidates must maintain a membership with CPHR BC & Yukon and have 10 years from the date they have been awarded the CPHR Candidate status to submit the Validation of Experience (VOE) Form in order to be awarded the CPHR designation.

Only CPHRs are required to report Continuous Professional Development (CPD) hours on an annual basis to maintain the designation. CPHR Candidates are not required to report CPD hours.

Members can gain their CPHR Candidate designation by:

On completing the accredited program with a 70% average, you have to send your official transcripts to the CPHR Registrar via email at cphr@cphrbc.ca or send a physical copy of the transcript to our Vancouver office. The transcript can be sent by you or you can ask your school to mail it directly.

The registrar will review and e-mail you the exam exemption fee form. There is an exam exemption fee payable. Trish Andrea will confirm your fee and the payment process.


The total exam exemption fee is $483 (this includes a one-time $60 application fee+ exemption fee of $460+GST).

If you are a new graduate or have graduated within the last 12 months you will save 25% off the exam exemption fee. So the reduced fee is $362.25 (exam exemption fee of $345+GST).

The fee must be paid within 90 days and you should keep your membership active to begin the CPHR process. Once the NKE exemption is processed, you will receive an email confirming your status as a CPHR Candidate.

Once you have received the CPHR Candidate status, you have to demonstrate:

  • Three (3) years of experience if you have a Degree/Master’s- with 51% or more being work in HR
    • Two (2) years advisory HR
    • One (1) year administrative HR


  • Eight (8) years in HR of experience if you choose a non-degree path.
    • Five (5) years advisory HR
    • Three (3) years administrative HR

You have 10 years from the date they have been awarded the CPHR Candidate status (either by passing NKE or being exempt from NKE) to submit the Validation of Experience (VOE) in order to be awarded the CPHR designation.

It is strongly encouraged that the VOE Handbook be read before completing their VOE Application. 

Educational Requirements

Prior to starting your VOE Application, ensure you have requested original transcripts be sent directly to CPHR BC & Yukon from your educational institution. This can be done after passing the NKE or well in advance of starting the Application.

Education received outside Canada needs to be assessed through one of these organizations:

Validation of Experience (VOE) Process

Once you have passed the National Knowledge Exam (NKE) or received approval to be exempt from the NKE and satisfied the educational requirements, you are eligible to submit documentation of your experience for assessment.

Complete the Validation of Experience Application Form and return it to:

Email (preferred method): registrar@cphrbc.ca

Mail: CPHR BC & Yukon Registrar
1101 – 1111 W. Hastings St.
Vancouver, BC V6E 2J3

Submission Deadlines

  • February 15 – Results sent out in April
  • May 15 – Results sent out in July
  • September 15 – Results sent out in November


  • $100 CPHR Validation of Experience Application Fee – Payable the first time a VOE form is submitted for review
  • $400 CPHR Validation of Experience Assessment Completion Fee – Payable upon successful completion of the experience requirement

Notification of Receipt of Submission & Results

Applicants will be notified by CPHR BC & Yukon upon the receipt of their assessment via email.

Applicants will be notified of the results of their VOE Application within 8 weeks from the submission deadline. Unsuccessful applications will be notified of gaps in their experience assessment and options available to them. There is no limit to the number of times an individual may apply.

As a CPHR BC and Yukon member, you will have access to our job board and apply to positions that interest you. 

You will also have access to:

Members also receive discounted rates on various services and events:

CPHR BC & Yukon is excited to partner with BadgeCert to issue digital badges that recognize our CPHR Candidate, CPHRs and FCPHRs. Note, badges are only issued once a month by the vendor, BadgeCert. You will be notified by an email when you can access your new badge. This cutting-edge technology will allow these members to securely share their credentials across the web, on resumes, email signatures and social media outlets to celebrate and validate the CPHR designation. Click here to log in to BadgeCert.