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Reach British Columbia & Yukon’s $1.4 billion HR Industry by advertising in PeopleTalk magazine.

CPHR BC & Yukon is pleased to announce that we have chosen to work with Naylor Association Solutions. Naylor provides advertising, publication and media services that build your company’s image and link your brand to human resources professionals. We are partnering with Naylor to provide the following:

PeopleTalk Quarterly magazine: The official magazine of CPHR BC & Yukon is published 4 times per year and is available in both print and online. Every quarter, the print version of the magazine is mailed to about 6,000 members.

Make an excellent investment in your business and brand, by affiliating your organization with us. This is your opportunity to advertise and promote your products to decision-makers in the human resources industry.

Space is Limited! Contact your Naylor account representative to reserve your spot today!

For more information or to request a free quote, please contact Chyna Carter, Project Manager, at 352-333-3460, ext. 3460.

For editorial enquiry, please contact Carma Chan.

For subscriptions, please complete the subscription form.

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PeopleTalk Online—previously HRVoice—is CPHR BC & Yukon’s 24/7 HR hub, bringing together the latest news and views with the thought-leading editorial of the quarterly PeopleTalk magazine, which is printed and distributed to the association’s members.

Click the button below to leave the CPHR BC & Yukon site and visit PeopleTalk Online.

In print and online, the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources of British Columbia and Yukon communicates directly and beyond with the association’s core membership.

PeopleTalk—in print and online—draw upon the ongoing contributions of professional volunteer writers, as well as featuring key editorial from freelance contributors. Preference is given to CPHR BC & Yukon members.

If you are looking to contribute to PeopleTalk, here are some guidelines:

  • Ensure that your topic is of relevance to our primary HR readership. 
  • Prepare a brief summary (no more than one page) that outlines your article and/or series idea, containing your primary angle and key sources if applicable;
  • Connect with either editor (contact info below) and send on your summary pitch, together with any relevant previous writing samples and a brief bio;
  • The editor will decide upon the suitability of your article for either print or online;
    Article length varies. Online articles should be 600+ words, while printed articles are usually between 1,000 and 1,300 words. 
  • All articles are subject to editing for both content and grammar and authors may be required to make minor revisions upon editorial request within agreed upon timelines;
  • Please submit a headline for consideration along with any related graphics and/or multi-media links. If you are including images for consideration, please ensure they are a minimum of 300 dpi;
  • While previously published materials are welcome for consideration in both formats, all such materials must be free of copyright entanglement prior to submission;
  • Articles should draw upon the author’s expertise, but not be self-promoting of their respective products or services;
  • CPHR BC & Yukon primarily adheres to the Canadian Press Style Guide and uses the Canadian Oxford Dictionary for spelling;
  • While PeopleTalk does not require articles to include end or footnotes, authors are encouraged to account for attribution to sources within the article text;
  • In the event that the article is incomplete or does not meet the expectations agreed upon, the editor will make other editorial arrangements and retains the right of refusal.
  • Each article must include a 1-4 sentence author bio.

Contact the editor of PeopleTalk magazine for more information.

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