Throughout the year, CPHR BC & Yukon host a variety of events centred around networking, Professional Development, knowledge sharing and education.

These events are delivered as online events or in-person events. Expand the accordion below to find out more information on the various types of events CPHR BC & Yukon offers.

The HR Book Club is open to all CPHR BC & Yukon members, regardless of your level or area of practice and is held monthly on Zoom. The books will range in topics and will be chosen as a group by the Book Club members. The purpose of this Book Club is to motivate, connect, and foster self-growth while building a stronger HR community. Check our online calendar lists for upcoming events.

A Community of Practice (CoP) within CPHR BC & Yukon is formed by individuals who want to engage in a process of collective learning in a shared industry (eg. Health care, not-for-profit, construction etc.).  It is a group of individuals (members and non-members) who share a concern or a passion for keeping people first in the decisions of leaders and want to learn more about how to do this through regular interactions.  The CoP will be led by a member of the association (CoP Leader) and a Member Relations Manager (MRM).  Both members and non-members are welcome to attend.

In addition, participation in CoP’s is eligible for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours for the CPHR designation. Please visit the CPHR BC & Yukon online calendar for a complete list of what is coming up.

If you are interested in starting and leading a Community of Practice for a specific industry please reach out to Carolyne Taylor or Quinne Davey.

Current Community of Practices:

CONSTRUCTIONBuilding Well CoP is where individuals managing the human resources function (either by title, or by work responsibilities) and working in the construction industry can gather.   Bi-monthly meet-ups occur on Zoom.  A Slack group keeps members of this CoP connected between face-to-face interactions. Request to join the Building Well CoP.

NOT-FOR-PROFITPeople and Community CoP brings together practitioners of people practices in non-profit industries. We know our industries are incredibly resilient, diverse, unique and we know they require more support. We believe in the capacity of people to effect change and we know it starts with us supporting each other. Questions we ask ourselves are growth centered from a place of creating value for our organizations. We gather to learn, to share, to uplift, and ultimately to create better people practices. This community also has a Slack group. Request to join the People and Community CoP.

Throughout the year, CPHR BC & Yukon hosts a variety of events centred around how CPHR BC & Yukon members can earn the CPHR designation.  These interactive events offer attendees the information needed to take their career to the next level and the opportunity to ask questions to CPHR BC & Yukon staff.

Regular online CPHR designation information events include:

  • CPHR & NKE Information Session
  • Validation of Experience Assessment Information Session
  • How To Claim Exemption From The NKE – Student Information Session

Check the online Calendar to find the next information session. Popular CPHR designation information events include, Validation of Experience Assessment information session, how to claim exemption from the NKE – Student Accreditation information decision and more.

Each year, CPHR BC & Yukon hosts a two day HR Conference & Expo. The 2023 event will be a hybrid conference that takes place on May 2 & 3, 2023 in Vancouver, BC, as well as virtually to an online audience on May 11-12, 2023. This is the largest HR event in Western Canada with insightful keynote presentations, concurrent tracks of breakout sessions, peer-to-peer dialogues and the opportunity to earn Continuing Professional Development hours.

Throughout the year, CPHR BC & Yukon host a variety of networking events. These events bring CPHR BC & Yukon members together in a casual, relaxed setting to interact and network with each other. Popular networking events include:

  • Wake Up HR (every Friday morning 7:30am-8:30am)
  • Wind Down HR (the first Wednesday of the month 5pm-6pm)
  • New Member Meet Ups (bi-monthly starting in September, 4th Monday of every other month 12pm – 1pm)
  • Seasonal Socials (typically Holiday celebrations and summer gatherings. Details vary by region)

To see what networking opportunities are currently available, please check out the Calendar.

In 2021, CPHR BC & Yukon hosted and partnered with various organizations on more than 60 events and virtual courses focused around professional development. Offerings included more than 30 webinars, nine symposiums and a variety of partnerships with organizations focused on topics such as, workplace investigations, HR data, inclusion at work, leadership, emotional intelligence, amongst other topics.

To see what professional development opportunities are currently available, please check out the Professional Development Calendar.

CPHR BC & Yukon roundtables are where conversations happen and where participants are both teachers and learners.  Roundtables are a gathering of peers who share experiences and knowledge to build community.   These roundtables are to enhance personal and professional growth.  The focus is connecting with other members in conversation.

Participation in a roundtable has a number of benefits, including learning and networking. In addition, professional members earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours towards their CPHR designation.

Who can attend a Roundtable?

Roundtables are a members only benefit and free for CPHR BC & Yukon members to attend. Some roundtables are for a specific segment of membership.  Search ‘Roundtable’ in the calendar to find out what Roundtables are currently going on.

What if I want to lead a Roundtable?

A Roundtable Guide provides an overview, guidelines, format options, timelines and responsibilities and resources. If you are interested in starting a new roundtable, please submit a roundtable proposal form.


Roundtables are an attractive way to expose your brand to professionals in an intimate setting. Contact Jordan Kofsky, Advertising and Sponsorship Specialist, CPHR BC & Yukon for more details.

CPHR BC & Yukon hosts a variety of events for Student and New Graduate CPHR BC & Yukon members throughout the year. These events give students and new graduates insights into the HR profession, as well as valuable networking time with seasoned HR professionals. 

Some of the annual student focused events include:

  • HR Industry Night
  • Student Summit
  • HRC West Case Competition

Contact your Member Relations Manager for more details or search ‘student’ in the calendar to find out when the next event is.

CPHR BC & Yukon offers full-day symposiums throughout the year. From 2020-to-2021, most symposiums were held virtually due to the pandemic. Both CPHR BC & Yukon members, as well as non-members can attend symposiums, although members do receive discounts on pricing on registration. Symposiums that are held virtually are also available On-Demand.

The symposium format often includes two-to-three keynote speakers as well as breakout sessions and/or an interactive panel discussion. Popular symposiums include Legal Symposium, Mental Health & Wellness Symposium, Diversity & Inclusion Symposium, Compensation & Benefits Symposium and more. To see what Symposiums are currently available, check out the online Calendar.

Wake Up HR & Wind Down HR are networking events which bring together HR professionals from across BC and the Yukon to discuss topical HR problems and ideas. These conversation based events offer both members and non-members a way to connect and share resources at the beginning of the day day (Wake Up HR, every Friday morning 7.30am-8.30am) or the end of the day (Wind Down HR, first Wednesday of the month 5pm-6pm). For one hour come and talk all things HR.

These FREE sessions are online and all those working in the field of HR are welcome to attend. Participation with video connection is preferred.

Search ‘Wake Up HR’ or ‘Wind Down HR’ in the calendar to find out when the next event is.

CPHR BC & Yukon hosts more than 30 webinars each year, offering both members and non-members 60-90 minutes of online learning. The webinars range in price from FREE for CPHR BC & Yukon members to $29.99 for non-members. The webinars are also available On-Demand. Webinar topics include mental health, HR Law, diversity, equity & inclusion, leadership, benefits & compensation and many more.

Webinar attendance can range from 300-800 people. If your organization would like to know how they can deliver a webinar to CPHR BC & Yukon members, please contact Jordan Kofsky for more information.

Conduct Disclaimer for Roundtables and Events

CPHR BC & Yukon wishes to create a safe, respectful and inclusive environment for all. Please remember that while participating in an event, whether online or in person, Association members have the duty to conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner and are expected to abide by the CPHR BC & Yukon Professional Rules of Conduct in both verbal and written comments. We reserve the right to remove, or edit any content, that we in our sole discretion consider harmful, offensive, unprofessional or disruptive. Any behavior deemed offensive could result in a participant being muted or removed from the session, may affect their ability to attend future events, and in certain cases, CPHR BC & Yukon membership discipline procedures may be initiated.

Event Sponsorship Opportunities

CPHR BC & Yukon events are an attractive way to expose your brand to professionals a variety of settings. Please contact Jordan Kofsky, Advertising and Sponsorship Specialist, CPHR BC & Yukon for more details.