Chartered Professionals
in Human Resources

Leave of Absence

A professional member who is granted parental or disability leave from their place of employment or who has retired, may apply for the following types of relief:


CPHR Canada requires that persons holding the Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHRTM) designation must maintain their provincial association membership in good standing. CPHR BC & Yukon members whose membership renewals come due while they are on parental or disability leave from their workplace are entitled to apply and receive suspended membership status. Requests for suspended membership must be accompanied by written confirmation from the employer of the type and term of leave granted. In the case of self-employed members, confirmation from a physician is required.

Suspended membership status relieves members from paying dues until the expiration date of their leave. Their renewal dates will be advanced to the end date of the leave up to a maximum of one year, and in the interim their membership will be placed on suspended status. Members are not entitled to member benefits while their membership is suspended but they are considered to remain in good standing for the purposes of maintaining their CPHR designation.

Continuing Professional Development

CPHR Canada requires that CPHR holders maintain the validity of their designation by annually reporting CPD hours. In cases where a professional member is confirmed to be on maternity/paternity or disability leave, members will be granted additional time to meet the 60 CPD hours.


CPHR Canada allows professional members to convert their designation to a CPHR (Retired) status. This status relieves members from the requirements of paying annual CPHR dues and of recertifying at three year intervals. However, annual membership dues applicable to retired membership status will still be payable. CPHR (Retired) status will only be available to those who have fully retired from human resources practice and no longer actively use their designation for work purposes.