Chartered Professionals
in Human Resources

Continuing Professional Development Standard

As per CPHR BC & Yukon’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Standard, holders of the Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHRTM) designation must meet the following requirements:

    • Be a member in good standing with CPHR BC & Yukon, including up-to-date member and CPHR dues.
    • Annually report CPD hours based on the calendar year.
    • Adheres to a professional code of ethics.

**NEW – CPHR Canada has introduced a mandatory free ethics requirement that all CPHR members must follow as part of their CPD curriculum over a 3-year period starting in 2021- 2023. View the FAQs for more information.

CPD Reporting

CPHR BC & Yukon’s CPD Standard requires a minimum of 10 hours of professional development hours each year with a rolling three-year total of 60 hours.

You are now only required to submit your total CPD hours once per year. CPD hours for each calendar year must be submitted by January 31st of the following year.

To submit your CPD hours:

  • Login to your profile.
  • Select ‘My CPD Hours’.
  • Click on ‘Submit Your Total CPD Hours’ and enter details in ‘CPD Year’ and ‘Hour Total’ fields.
  • Click save.

CPD Tracking Tools

To help you keep track of your CPD hours two tools are available on the ‘My CPD Hours’ page of your profile. The Certified Education Hours is a record of your CPHR BC & Yukon event registrations and Self-Reported Hours is a space for you to manual record your professional development activities outside of CPHR BC & Yukon.

These tools are for your own tracking purposes. Do not submit this information unless you are audited.

Additional Resources

CPD Audit

All CPHR members are subject to an audit on an annual basis which is carried out by the Audit Committee up to twice a year. Selection for an audit is randomly based on CPHR ID numbers. If audited, the CPHR member must provide supporting documents for their CPD activities to the committee within 30 days. The audit process will verify the appropriateness, suitability and adequacy of the professional development activities listed in provided documentation. Find out more about CPD Audits.


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