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Chartered Professionals
in Human Resources

Memberships and Fees

Member Type Application Fee Annual Dues
Chartered Professional in Human Resources n/a $555.00
General Member $65.00 $400.00
Student Member waived $60.00
Industry Partner Member waived $750.00

All fees and dues are subject to applicable taxes according to the member’s province of residence. In BC and YT, all fees and dues are subject to 5% GST.

Annual membership dues are payable on a one-year period basis commencing on the member’s admission date and every successive anniversary date. Such membership dues are considered fully-earned, are not transferable (unless an Industry Partner Member), non-refundable, and ineligible for suspension or postponement (in instances of maternity leave or work separation for example). Other CPHR BC & Yukon fees such as the NKE Registration Fee are likewise considered fully-earned; eligible however for deferral upon communication with the Registrar.

Industry Partner memberships are based on a calendar year and are payable no later than January of the calendar year.

CPHR Member Dues become payable on the date a member is granted the CPHR designation.

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Does your employer pay your membership dues? Use this template letter to request reimbursement of your CPHR BC & Yukon membership dues from your employer.

Member Types

Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHRTM)

Chartered Professional in Human Resources members are actively maintaining their CPHR or FCPHR designation. Membership includes the right to vote, hold elected office and access volunteering, professional development and networking opportunities.

You must be a current General or Student member in order to embark on the CPHR path.

To transfer your CPHR designation from another association to CPHR BC & Yukon, you must complete and submit the CPHR Membership Application Form and also contact your current association for the transfer of your CPHR records.

If you wish to earn and/or maintain the CPHR designation but you reside outside of BC and the Yukon, please contact for information on non-resident membership options.

General Member

General Members are engaged in the practice of human resources or have a professional interest in the mission of the association.

General membership includes the right to vote, hold elected office and take advantage of volunteering, professional development and networking opportunities. CPHR BC & Yukon General Members are eligible to apply for the Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) designation.

Student Member

Student Members are individuals enrolled in a recognized and accredited post-secondary educational institution completing an undergraduate program intended to meet the CPHR undergraduate requirements. Both part-time and full-time students qualify. *Accredited programs with a post-baccalaureate are included.

Proof of current student status must be supplied at time of application and renewal. Proof of current student status is either an unofficial transcript, confirmation of current registration or a letter confirming enrollment details. Please note, all documentation must be on the institution’s official letterhead and include your name, program title and course details.

All privileges of membership are included except the right to vote or to hold elected office. Learn more about CPHR BC & Yukon Student Connections.

New Graduate Member

CPHR BC & Yukon recognizes the importance for new graduates to stay connected to their profession at a time which can often be financially challenging as they start their career path. The Association offers a special one-time reduced membership fee of $200 to existing CPHR BC & Yukon Student Members for their first membership renewal following post-secondary graduation.

The New Graduate rate only applies to students who were already Student Members of CPHR BC & Yukon before graduation. Those joining for the first time as new members after graduation must join as General Members, even if they are in their first year after graduation.

All privileges of General Membership are included. New Graduate Members are eligible and encouraged to begin the process to apply for the Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) designation. If a new graduate is already a CPHR Member, the regular CPHR Member fees will apply. However, the New Graduate rate will apply to members who are CPHR Candidates.

Retired Professionals

CPHR BC & Yukon members that are fully retired from human resources practice and have been members of the Association or have held the CPHR designation for at least five continuous years immediately prior to retirement are eligible for discounted member dues of $60/year. All privileges of general membership are included. If applicable, the CPHR designation changes to CPHR Retired. Please contact for more information.

Industry Partner Member

Industry Partner Members are individuals from organizations that recognize the impact human resources has on business outcomes. These members may not be HR professionals themselves, but work for companies that provide products and services to HR professionals and are connected to the practice of Humans Resources. Industry Partner Membership gives an individual and their company influence within the HR community and recognition as a supporter of strong professional people practices. Industry Partner Members are permitted to display the CPHR BC & Yukon logo on the company’s website and marketing materials. Learn more about additional benefits of becoming an Industry Partner Member.

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