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Chartered Professionals
in Human Resources


CPHR BC & Yukon roundtables are peer learning events where participants are both teachers and learners.  Roundtables are a gathering of peers who share experiences and knowledge to build community.  It is critical that you play an active role when you attend. You are part of the group to both hear and listen, but also share and converse.  These roundtables are to enhance personal and professional growth.  The focus is connecting with other members in conversation. Roundtables are therefore not recorded for later viewing. 

The roundtable host(s) establishes the purpose, intended audience, and logistics based on a variety of options, including area of practice, industry, or geographical segmentation.

Participation in a roundtable has a number of benefits, including learning and networking. In addition, professional members earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours towards their CPHRTM designation.

Who Can Attend?
Roundtables are a members only benefit and free for CPHR BC & Yukon members to attend. Some roundtables are for a specific segment of membership.  For a listing of roundtables, contacts and other relevant information please refer to Current Roundtables. Alternatively, please visit the CPHR BC & Yukon online Calendar to view and register for upcoming roundtables.

What if I want to lead a CPHR BC & Yukon Roundtable?
Our Roundtable Guide provides an overview, guidelines, format options, timelines and responsibilities and resources. If you are interested in starting a new roundtable, please submit a roundtable proposal form to the Member Relations Manager for the applicable Region.

Roundtables are an attractive way to expose your brand to professionals in an intimate setting. Please contact the Member Relations Manager for the applicable Region to further explore these opportunities.