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Professional Mentoring Program


Intake for 2019-2020 Professional Mentoring Program (PMP) will open in August 2019.

New to the Professional Mentoring Program? It is highly recommend you read and complete the following for a full understanding of the program and expectations of participants:


  1. I want to be a mentor:
    • Step One: Log into the CPHR BC & Yukon website here
    • Step Two: Complete the online mentoring application form for mentors.
  2. I want to be a protege:
    • Step One: Log into the CPHR BC & Yukon website here
    • Step Two: Go to the online store to select and pay the protege application processing fee. Or complete the Manual Payment Form.
    • Step Three: Receive your email receipt for your payment and then access the online application link in the receipt
  3. I want to continue working with my previous match:
    • Step One: Log into the CPHR BC & Yukon website here
    • Step Two: Complete the online notification form for renewing pairs. Only one person from the pair needs to complete the notification form.

Please note:
If you have already self-identified a mentor or protege and you have both already agreed to work together, you can still apply to be included in the program and receive ongoing support. Both the mentor and the protege need to be members of CPHR BC & Yukon and both need to complete the appropriate application. Both application forms have a space to indicate if you have self-identified a partner along with their name. The application processing fees still apply for proteges who have self identified their partner.

If you wish to be a mentor AND a protege you need to complete both the mentor and the protege application.

If you are a Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) students, please refer here for Connections for Emerging Professionals Program information


Program Overview – Make a Meaningful Connection

CPHR BC & Yukon Professional Mentoring Program (PMP) makes for a world of difference, matching proteges with mentors with a single purpose in mind – supporting your professional development in a meaningful way.

PMP Preparation and Timeline

Whether you are a newcomer to the field of HR, a mid-level practitioner, or a senior level HR professional, the PMP can support you to expand, refine and build new skills. To accomplish that goal, CPHR BC & Yukon encourages interested members to complete the on-demand mentoring 101 preparation course before applying to the program to better prepare both proteges and mentors alike for what the PMP entails.

Moreover, we provide a framework for proteges and mentors to be matched with results that can last a lifetime. With agreement from both parties, there is an option to continue the mentoring relationship forward until the next program year begins, and beyond.

This nine-month program is a members’ only opportunity that runs from mid-October to June each year. CPHR BC & Yukon will offer support to any participant for the nine month duration. You will have the flexibility to work with your partner for more or even less time.

Please note that while very effort is made to provide all applicants with a match, CPHR BC & Yukon cannot guarantee PMP placements as this is determined by the number of mentor applicants and appropriate matches. At this time matches are manually done by volunteers on a region to region basis.

2018-2019 Program Timeline:

  • July 30, 2018 – applications open
  • September 17, 2018 – applications close (no extensions)
  • Early October 2018 – notification of acceptance and successful matches will be sent via email
  • Regional Orientations – October 2018 – various dates throughout the Province
  • Mid-February – half way check in & mid point events
  • Mid-June – program closes


Defining Roles: Proteges and Mentors

In this program, the learning opportunity is self-directed by the protege who guides the learning by taking on the responsibility of setting priorities and goals. In return, the protege received feedback, coaching and assistance from their mentor, resulting in the enhancement of the proteges’ professional career.

The mentor’s role is to be the ‘guide on the side’ while living a legacy. What the mentors can bring to bear on the relationship is vision, experience, different perspectives and a commitment to continued learning. The mentor, while helping the protege to achieve goals, does not set the goals. This learning partnership forms the guiding principle of the CPHR BC & Yukon PMP.

Qualifications and Responsibilities

It is important that applicants have a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities prior to applying to the PMP.

To qualify to apply to the PMP you must:

  • Be an CPHR BC & Yukon member in good standing throughout the duration of the program
  • As a mentor – be willing to provide an environment conducive to learning, whether in-person or online;
  • As a protege – be willing to provide an outline of goals and objectives at the outset
  • As a protege – pay the $30 application processing fee for general members and $20 application processing fee for student members prior to completing the online application (these fees are non-refundable application processing fees and are not matching fees.) We always do our best to find a match however, there is no guarantee as matches are based on the number of mentor and protege applicants each year.
  • Be prepared to commit for a 9 month period from October to June
  • Be prepared to participate in a regional Kick Off/Orientation Session for the program where available (online version also available). (Optional for past-participants)
  • Commit to participate in a minimum of 1-3 hours per month of interaction with your partner
  • Complete an evaluation survey at the end of the program
  • Maintain a Mentoring Log for submission and verification, as required, for eligibility of CDP hours. (Note: It is the applicant’s responsibility to maintain these records.)

If accepted into the program, participants in the PMP benefit from:

  • An HR career enhanced with new insights and perspectives;
  • Effective relationships with other HR professionals through your partnership and other PMP-supported events;
  • Making a significant impact in a colleague’s professional development;
  • Earning 1 CPD hour per hour of protégé/mentor contact to a maximum of 10 hours per year. Please refer to the CPD Qualifying Activities for clarification or contact the CPHR Registrar.
  • Giving back to the HR community in your region

Have a question not answered above? Please read our Mentoring Information Guide & FAQ document or contact the PMP Manager for more information.