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Consultant Directory

CPHR BC & Yukon is the voice of HR in BC and the Yukon and, as such, we have the most qualified HR talent pool within our membership. Find the skills and expertise that you need to sustain, enhance and grow your business by accessing our Independent Consultant Directory. You can refine your search by area of expertise and region to insure you’re connecting with consultants who are the best match.

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Independent Consultant Directory

Jocelin Caldwell

Reimagine Work (Region: Vancouver Island)

Jocelyn Chang CPHR

Imagine HR (Region: Coastal)

Katie Emsley CPHR

Conversation Supply Company (Region: Coastal)

Josephine McNeilly CPHR

WorkWrite Consulting (Region: Vancouver Island)

Lee Vincent CPHR

Visionary Seeds Inc. (Region: Yukon)

Mandie La Montagne CPHR

The Intueri Group (Region: Fraser Valley)

Shawnee Love CPHR

Love HR Inc. (Region: Southern Interior)

All consultants listed in this directory are members of CPHR BC & Yukon. Our members are bound by the terms of the CPHR BC & Yukon Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct. CPHR BC & Yukon does not endorse individual consultants nor does CPHR BC & Yukon review, approve, or endorse the consultants’ advice or opinions.