Chartered Professionals
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Exam Centre

CPHR BC & Yukon and CPHR Canada each provide resources to help you prepare for the National Knowledge Exam® (NKE).

CPHR BC & Yukon Prep Course

In this two-day workshop, participants review and discuss important HR theory for each functional dimension in the CPHRTM Competency Framework. Sample exam questions will be analyzed, enabling participants to identify knowledge gaps. Participants will have an opportunity to practice in a simulated exam setting and discuss techniques for passing. For details on course locations, dates and fees, please refer to CPHR BC & Yukon’s online calendar.

Online Prep Courses

The Captus Online NKE Prep Course is the only online learning course fully endorsed and recognized by CPHR BC & Yukon. If you’re looking to prepare to take the National Knowledge Exam, we recommend you invest in this online course. Read more about the important features of the NKE Prep Course from Captus.

CPHR Study Groups

CPHR BC & Yukon also provides access to study groups. These are a free resource and a great place to ask questions, compare study tips, and connect with people in your area. Study groups are self-directed and are not instructed sessions, but might be just the study aid you need! For details, please refer to CPHR BC & Yukon’s online calendar.

More Resources

Test your knowledge with practice questions from a sample NKE exam.

There are several textbooks related to human resources management that may be useful when studying for the NKE.

Learn more about The CPHR Path and then choose the preparation options that are best suited to you.