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Chartered Professionals
in Human Resources

Federal Government

Benefits Canada Benefits Canada is the country’s original and leading publication written primarily for the sponsors of group benefits and pension plans.
Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety The centre promotes a safe and healthy work environment by providing information and advice about occupational health and safety.
Canada Labour Code and Regulations Department of Justice:
Labour standards have been designed to promote a fair, safe, healthy, stable, cooperative and productive work environment that contributes to the social and economic well-being of all Canadians.
Employment Standards Act Acts and Regulations within such as stat holidays, minimum wage, maternity leave etc.
Canadian Human Rights Commission
The Commission’s business is to make the Canadian Human Rights Act work for the benefit of all Canadians.
Canada Industrial Relations Board Workplace issues under federal jurisdiction are administered by CIRB
(e.g., banking, broadcasting and inter-provincial or international transportation) and are governed by the Canada Labour Code.
Employment Insurance Employment Insurance (EI) helps unemployed Canadians between jobs by providing temporary financial assistance while they look for work, upgrade their skills or while they are pregnant, caring for a newborn or adopted child or sick. Active re-employment benefits and support measure are delivered in cooperation with the provinces and territories.
Government of Canada The About Government section provides links to information on the structure and functions of the Government of Canada. Alphabetical links to departments and agencies.
Human Resources and Social Development At Human Resources and Social Development the mission is to enable Canadians to participate fully in the workplace and the community. Links to Government of Canada agencies with provincial 320 branches across the country.
Industry Canada Through its programs and services, the department is helping to build a dynamic and innovative economy where all Canadians have the opportunity to benefit from more and better-paying jobs, stronger business growth, and a marketplace that is fair, efficient and competitive.
Statistics Canada Statistics Canada produces statistics that help Canadians better understand their country-its population, resources, economy, society and culture.