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The Path to Self-Regulation

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Consistent with earlier communications and public announcements from CPHR BC & Yukon, the Association continues to work towards self-regulation of the HR profession in British Columbia with a view to introduce a bill to the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia.

Having designed much of the framework required of a sanctioned designated body, the Association has recently been exchanging with the BC Public Service Agency in hopes of advancing the government’s consideration of the CPHR BC & Yukon quest for self-regulatory authority.

Specifically, the Association has established a Professional Standards Committee which oversees the development and implementation of professional and practice standards which enjoin public trust in the profession’s merit to self-regulate. Under the Committee’s advice, the Board of CPHR BC & Yukon has, subsequent to public exposure, ratified its substantially revamped Code of Ethics & Rules of Professional Conduct, a new Continuing Professional Development Standard, and a new Compliance Standard.

As part of its efforts to underscore the importance and relevance of the HR profession to government, CPHR BC & Yukon has also directed letters of support received from business partners and the broader business community to the BC government.

Importantly, the Association posits that the government will consider most favourably CPHR BC & Yukon’s ask if it is satisfied that the Association demonstrates the requisite ability and repute to govern while assured that the public is better served by allowing the profession to self-regulate.

Not a simple undertaking for CPHR BC & Yukon or taken casually by the government of BC, the Association continues to collaborate with government, to forge relationships, and to ensure that the Association is appropriately tooled to respond to the demands and expectations placed on self-regulating bodies.

Notwithstanding the Association’s pursuit of this ambitious work and of the various dimensions to the work, we assure members that the Association is mindful of its collective responsibilities and continues also to be fiscally conservative in the allocation of resources.

We thank all those who continue to lend support and consideration to this important initiative.

To remain abreast of CPHR BC & Yukon’s movements in this regard, please check back with us on occasion – we will post updates as the effort evolves.

For more information, please contact:
Anthony Ariganello, President and CEO