Chartered Professionals
in Human Resources

Fellow CPHR

The Fellow CPHR Award is a prestigious award that recognizes Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (CPHR) who have made exemplary contributions to the HR profession. Recipients of the award are granted recognition as a Fellow of the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (FCPHR).

Nominations for the Fellow CPHR Award are now open. Please click here to submit your nomination and supporting documents online by Monday, November 1, 2021.


Eligible nominees for the Fellow CPHR should have demonstrated leadership in at least three of five key areas:

  • Strategic positioning of the Human Resources profession
  • Development, sharing and promotion of innovative HR ideas, policies and practices
  • Advocacy on behalf of the HR profession to government policy makers
  • Service to local, provincial and/or national HR associations
  • Service to the broader community/social responsibility

A nominee will also have exemplified the values in the CPHR code of conduct (fairness, justice, dignity, respect, and integrity) and have shown adherence to the statutory acts, regulations and bylaws of CPHR Canada and their provincial HR association.



  • Must have held the CPHR for a minimum of five (5) years and be a current member in good standing;
  • Is nominated through a supporting letter that outlines significant achievements/impact on the profession, evidence of how the nominee has contributed to at least three of the five criteria, and underscore the specific contributions made and their impact on advancing the profession.
  • Must not have any Code of Conduct violations in the past ten years.


Review Process

A Provincial Fellowship award committee, composed of senior HR members, some who currently hold the Fellow CPHR, reviews each nomination. After analyzing eligibility and criteria, the committee will recommend selected nominees for the Fellow CPHR. This recommendation is reviewed by the Board of the Provincial association who will either accept or reject the recommendation.

The Fellow CPHR is not a competition in which nominations are measured against each other, but rather, it is a process by which each nomination is measured against the criteria in place. An unsuccessful nomination can be re-submitted in a subsequent year especially if the individual has added significantly more contributions along the five criteria identified for the FCPHR award.


Nomination Submission Checklist:

  • Confirmation that the nominee has held the CPHR designation for a minimum of five (5) years.
  • Confirmation that the nominee is a CPHR BC & Yukon member in good standing.
  • Completed nomination form, with consent from the nominee.
    • The submission must address at least three of the five criteria above with specific examples supporting each relevant criteria.
    • A biography of the nominee including academic degrees and professional certifications, work history, and volunteer activities. This information must be verifiable by the Committee.
  • A supporting letter (one page maximum).
    • The letter should underscore the specific contributions made by the nominee and their impact on advancing the HR profession and must include contact information.
  • A current resume.


Recommendations of the Fellowship Awards Committee may:

  • Approve – the nominee will be recommended to the Board of Directors for the FCPHR title
  • Reject – when the committee concludes the nominee does not adequately meet the criteria, the nomination is rejected. Nothing prevents nominators from re-nominating a rejected nominee in future years.


Notification to the Nominee and the Nominator:

  • Successful nominees will be notified by the Chair of the Provincial Association Board of Directors.
  • Unsuccessful nominees and their nominators will be notified in writing within several weeks of the decision being made by the committee.

Please contact the awards manager for more information regarding the Fellow CPHR Award and the Professional Awards program.