Chartered Professionals
in Human Resources

Become Pre-approved for CPD

To further support the Continued Professional Development (CPD) needs of our growing population of Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHRs), and in recognition of the quality of some of the HR professional development programs offered throughout BC & Yukon, we are proud to offer pre-approval for CPD hours.

CPHR BC & Yukon has a pre-approval program for learning institutions and training organizations that offer on-going continuing professional development for HR professionals.

Recognized courses are pre-approved for CPD hours but must meet CPHR BC & Yukon standards.

Benefits of being pre-approved for CPD

This program provides organizations that deliver HR and strategic business programming the ability to guarantee CPHR Continued Professional Development (CPD) hours for participants who enroll in their program(s). To qualify, educational events and programming must be aligned with the CPHR Competency Framework Areas and have an established set of standards for quality and consistency in program delivery.

The usage of  the “Endorsed Seal” on instructional program marketing materials communicates that a program has been reviewed and approved to guarantee CPHR CPD Hours.

Receiving pre-approved status for  program(s) provides:

  • the ability to guarantee CPHR CPD Hours to participants
  • the ability to promote course(s) with the CPHR Endorsed Seal attached which will enhance marketing to CPHR designated professionals
  • increased recognition for the quality of the  offering(s)

What is required

Once your program has been approved, you will pay a yearly fee for a license and the right to use the Endorsed Seal on materials related to the programming identified in the application. Approved status is granted for one year, and is based on the number of hours of programming applied for.  Pre-approval beyond one year will require completion of an annual renewal form.