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Communities of Practice

A Community of Practice (COP) within CPHR BC & Yukon is formed by individuals who want to engage in a process of collective learning in a shared industry (eg. Health care, not-for-profit, construction etc.).  It is a group of individuals (members and non-members) who share a concern or a passion for keeping people first in the decisions of leaders and want to learn more about how to do this through regular interactions.  The COP will be led by a member of the association (COP Leader) and a Member Relations Manager (MRM).  Both members and non-members are welcome to attend.

Membership in the COP implies a commitment to the domain and that individuals value their collective competence and learn from each other.  While others from outside this industry may also value the learning taking place, it will be respected that to belong, you work within the industry that has been identified. 

COP Members engage in joint activities and discussions, help each other, and share information. They build relationships that enable them to learn from each other; they care about their standing with each other.   This is done both in-person, at scheduled meetings and within a web-based community to which individuals will apply to join.    The MRM and COP Leader(s) will moderate access to the group and set group rules.  Web-based community platforms such as Tools include private LinkedIn or Facebook groups can be used for this purpose.  A Slack workspace (free version) with multiple channels will be the most effective because of the ability to have direct messaging, multiple channels and other features of benefit to COP members connecting to one another.

COP Members develop a shared repertoire of resources: experiences, stories, tools, ways of addressing recurring problems—a shared practice. This takes time and sustained interaction. It is through the sharing of information that is collected and documented that the tricks and lessons that other COPs contribute that a knowledge base can be developed. 

In addition, participation in COP’s is eligible for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours for the CPHRTM designation.

Please visit the CPHR BC & Yukon online calendar for a complete list of what is coming up.

If you are interested in leading and starting a COP please contact your regional Member Relations Manager.

Current Community of Practices:

Building Well (Construction Industry) COP

The Building Well COP is presently forming on Vancouver Island and is meant to be a place (both virtual and physical) where individuals managing the human resources function (either by title, or by work responsibilities) and working in the construction industry, can gather.   Monthly meet-ups of an informal basis are being held with quarterly learning sessions on specific topics scheduled for May, August and October in Victoria, BC.  The SLACK group will be province wide and members interested in forming in-person groups in their city can reach out to their local Member Relations Manager or the Community of Practice Leader, Allison Greaves.


Brick & Click (Retail Industry) COP

The “Brick & Click”, Retail Community of Practice (COP) is presently forming in the Lower Mainland. The purpose of the “Brick and Click” COP is to become a place for human resources professionals working in retail to discuss changes in the industry and explore leading HR practices specific to our industry challenges. We welcome HR practitioners from small, mid and large businesses operating brick-and-mortar stores (Brick) and online selling platforms (Click) across all sectors of retail.

“Brick & Click” has bi-monthly informal meetups; every quarter it has a learning session on specific topics scheduled for May, August and October. These meeting activities may be held virtually and in-person. To support connection between meetings & learning sessions, a “Brick & Click” SLACK group has been created; it is open province-wide to members and non-members working in the retail industry.

Members interested in forming in-person groups for this COP industry in their city can reach out to their local Member Relations Manager.

• We are looking for a volunteer to lead this COP who is able to support quarterly check in events as well as supporting an online community of HR professionals on Slack between ‘events’. Please contact Quinne Davey for more information.


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