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Chartered Professionals
in Human Resources

Is Your Business Ready?

Chartered Professionals in Human Resources are uniquely qualified to help you achieve your business goals. With proven expertise across nine key business metrics, every CPHR has the knowledge and the experience to address the factors that underpin the degree of your immediate and long term success.

CPHRs advance and expand their professional knowledge and practice across these competency areas throughout their careers, offering you the most, current, evidence-based practices and technologies.

These are the key areas that, if left under-attended, become a perpetual struggle. But well-attended, become the platform upon which individuals, teams and organizations achieve their successes.

As business has changed over the past year, HR professionals have been there supporting health, safety, dignity and success – one workplace at a time. While business keeps evolving, CPHRs will keep using their education, experience and expertise to shape the future of work.