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Chartered Professionals
in Human Resources

Gain a Competitive Edge

Owning a business means seeking a competitive edge. But how do you find it when you’re addressing customer needs, facing unexpected challenges, managing costs and learning on the fly? When your businesses’ growth and prosperity is challenged, look to a Chartered Professional in Human Resources for help:

  1. Gain traction with your business goals.
    CPHRs understand business strategy and they translate it into action. They support strategic leadership and they know how to maximize its value to achieve results. CPHRs are knowledgeable, current and experienced in clean and effective governance, planning, alignment of objectives and change management.
  1. Align decisions with an overall vision.
    When people make the right decision, at the right time, at any level in the organization, it isn’t luck. It’s knowledge, preparation, training and culture. CPHRs call this Professional Practice. It’s about everyday ethics, everywhere. It’s created within a framework of evidence-based policies and practices and it manages your business risk by providing people with sound decision support.
  1. Engage your people to do their best.
    Disengaged people create a vortex at work, where money, imagination and motivation swirl slowly away. Engaged people are motivated by purpose, excellence and creativity. Engaged workplaces are exciting, interesting and fulfilling. If you’re looking to increase the energy level in your organization, talk to a CPHR.
  1. Eliminate efficiency gaps to improve profitability.
    In most companies, salaries and benefits total about 80% of costs. If you’re looking for a better bottom line, you need HR based financial and operational decision support, you need to understand key HR metrics, and you need performance indicators that matter. A CPHR can deliver greater returns on your greatest investment.
  1. Find and keep the best people.
    Only people make a business succeed. Keeping talented people in a competitive marketplace is critical, but so is having the right number, of the right people, in the right place. Whether you’re growing, stable or right-sizing, a CPHR will ensure you find and keep the best.
  1. Reward people fairly without breaking the bank.
    Your unique mix of compensation, benefits and pensions works best when it’s fair and consistent and when it aligns to your business outcomes. CPHRs have the expertise to balance total rewards with your desired outcomes and your competitive position.
  1. Improve health, wellness and safety practices.
    Helping keep people healthy, well and safe shows thoughtful leadership, saves money and reduces organizational risk. A CPHR can do this. What more is there to say?
  1. Become a leader that creates more leaders.
    From the executive suite to the shop floor, people benefit from mentoring, coaching and continuous learning, to keep their competencies relevant and effective and ensure their skills align with the outcomes you need. If you want to keep people at the top of their game, you need a CPHR.

Chartered Professionals in Human Resources are uniquely qualified to help you achieve your business goals. With proven expertise across key business metrics, every CPHR has the knowledge and the experience to address the factors that underpin the degree of your immediate and long term success.

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