Chartered Professionals
in Human Resources

CPD Standard FAQ

What is the new CPD Standard?
CPHR BC & Yukon’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Standard states that holders of the Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHRTM) designation must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a member in good standing with CPHR BC & Yukon, including up-to-date member and CPHRTM dues.
  • Annually report CPD hours based on the calendar year.

As per the CPD standard, a National Recertification Log is no longer required. The new reporting process is simple, paperless and only requires an online filing once per calendar year.

Why did we change the reporting process?

The new CPD standard is intended to give public assurance of the rigour and merit of the CPHRTM designation while also simplifying the CPD process for members.

How many hours do I need to report each year?

CPHR BC & Yukon’s CPD Standard requires a minimum of 10 hours of professional development hours each year with a rolling the three-year total of 60 hours.

After the initial term of 2016 – 2018, the three year term will roll forward each year commencing in 2019, so that in 2019 the three year term will cover 2017 – 2019 and in 2020 the term will cover 2018 – 2020.

When do I submit my CPD hours?

All CPHRTM holders now report their CPD hours annually on a calendar based year. CPD hours for each calendar year must be submitted by January 31st of the following year.
Please note: New CPHRTM holders do not have to report CPD hours the year they become certified.

When do new CPHRTM holders need to begin tracking and reporting their CPD hours?

Members are exempt from reporting CPD hours for the calendar year in which they are granted the CPHRTM designation. For example, a member granted the CPHRTM in April of 2016 would not need to report CPD hours for 2016. The first time that member is required to report their total CPD hours would for the 2017 calendar year.

How do I report my CPD hours?

To submit your CPD hours:

  1. Login to your profile.
  2. Select ‘My CPD Hours’.
  3. Click on ‘Add Your CPDs’ and enter details in ‘CPD Year’ and ‘Hour Total’ fields.
  4. Click save.

Where do I report the CPD hours I completed prior to 2016?

The new CPD Standard came into effect in 2016. Any professional development completed prior to 2016 will not be reported to CPHR BC & Yukon.

Do I have to send in a log for review?

You are no longer required to send in a log. The CPD hours you report are taken at face value and supporting documentation is only required if you are selected for an audit.

CPHRTM members will be subject to an audit each year. If selected, the CPHRTM member will need to provide proof of the CPD hours they reported for that year.

Do I need to have hours in more than one category?

Yes. Within a three year period, CPD activities must link to a minimum of three of the 14 functional and enabling competencies of the CPHR Competency Framework. For information on the different categories, please refer to the Summary of Qualifying Activities.

How many members will be selected for audit?

Up to three per cent of the CPD filings may be audited each year.

What do I need to send in if selected for audit?

If audited, the CPHRTM member must provide supporting documents for their CPD activities to the committee within 30 days. The audit process will verify the appropriateness, suitability and adequacy of the professional development activities listed in provided documentation.

How does confidentiality work for audit purposes? Information provided may be proprietary?

Anyone involved in reviewing or auditing your professional activities is bound by formal confidentiality agreements.

Does CPHR BC & Yukon track participation hours for webinars/events attended?

It is the responsibility of the member to keep track of their professional development and provide proof in the event they are selected for audit.

In our online system, members can view a record of the events attended through CPHR BC & Yukon when you login to your profile. You can also add additional events taken through other providers in the Self-Reported Hours under ‘My CPD Hours’.

How can I keep track of my activities/hours?

What is the fee to report my CPD hours?

There is no cost to report your CPD hours.

My recertification date is after the new CPD reporting took effect on July 1, 2016. What do I need to do to report my professional activities?

Recertification dates no longer apply. As of July 1, 2016, all CPHRTM holders must report their CPD hours annually on a calendar based year. CPD hours for each calendar year must be submitted by January 31st of the following year. For example, CPD hours for 2016 must be submitted by January 31, 2017.

If I am off on a leave of absence what do I need to do?

You must have your employer send a letter or email outlining the dates of your leave. Once confirmed to be on maternity/paternity or disability leave, you will be granted additional time to meet the 60 CPD hours.