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Chartered Professionals
in Human Resources

CPHR Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the designation name changing from Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) to Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR)?
After leaving CCHRA, the Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA) of Ontario opted to create a three-tiered designation system for their Province. In this three-tiered model, the HRPA defined the CHRP designation as their entry level HR designation. At that point, the CHRP was in use across most other provinces in the country as the professional level designation. The rest of Canada was left with the choice to either accept the market confusion caused across Canada through the three-tiered model introduced by HRPA, or make this change to an entirely new designation name.

CCHRA and the member associations have been working to elevate the HR designation across Canada and are aligning all efforts in order to be stronger together as one voice with one designation.

How was the name CPHR selected?
A series of options for new designation names were reviewed and assessed. Of the options, CPHR seemed the most appropriate and relevant to our work. We believe that Chartered Professional in Human Resources makes a strong statement and it will be the foundation of a designation our members can take pride in.

It was imperative that the designation name be strong, clear and easily recognizable. We had to ensure that the domain names could be secured and that the designation could be officially registered across the provinces. Finally, trademark registration requirements were considered.

How does this designation name change affect me?
If you are a designation holder, the CHRP designation is being changed to CPHR – Chartered Professional in Human Resources, effective immediately. This means that as of today, you are encouraged to begin the transition to using the CPHR designation name, rather than CHRP, on your email signatures, business cards, resume, and so forth. All current CHRPs will receive new certificates and pins in early 2017.

Over the next few months you will be introduced to a new national brand that reflects the high level of value and credibility CPHRs bring. A targeted market awareness campaign is planned for the coming year. The brand and awareness measures support and reflect the work already underway in all participating provincial associations, standardizing minimum requirements, accrediting post-secondary educations, continuing to provide professional development and moving toward self-regulation.

Will I be receiving a new certificate and pin with the new designation name?
Yes, in early 2017 all current CHRPs will receive new certificates and pins proudly branded CPHR.

Will the new designation be recognized across Canada?
Consistent with how we have been operating, CCHRA has a Mutual Recognition Agreement between the member associations. With this agreement, CPHRs and Certification Candidates are eligible to have their designation or candidate status transferred and recognized.

CRHA (Quebec) will recognize your CPHR designation when you apply for membership, however, as the human resources profession is self-regulated in Quebec, there may be additional requirements that you must meet.

How will this affect my designation if I move to Ontario?
Please contact HRPA as they are no longer a member of CCHRA.

How do I get the CPHR?
All existing CHRPs will automatically become CPHRs effective immediately. For those interested in pursuing the CPHR designation the pathway to obtaining the designation remains unchanged. Please refer to The CHRP Paths page for more information.

How do I maintain the CPHR?
The Continuing Professional Development requirements will remain unchanged. Please refer to the Continuing Professional Development Standard page for more information.

How will awareness be created for the CPHR?
Targeted marketing will be conducted over the next year and consistent use among the member associations across the country will increase visibility, clarity and familiarity. It is anticipated that member associations, and ideally CPHR designated members, will act as brand ambassadors to promote the new designation name, and champion the new brand to increase awareness.

I am registered to write the National Knowledge Exam (NKE) in November, does this change affect my exam preparations?
No. The CPHR continues to be based on the comprehensive competency framework and the same competencies. As such, there is no change to how you should prepare for the National Knowledge Exam.

If I have unanswered questions or concerns who can I speak to?
Please contact