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Chartered Professionals
in Human Resources

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Keynote Speakers

Name Session Title Day/Time
Mel Robbins The 5 Second Rule: Achieve Breakthrough Performance in Your Career & Life April 2 / 8:30am
Duncan Wardle The Theory of Creativity April 2 / 3:30pm
Ron Tite THINK. DO. SAY. A Guide for Personal and Corporate Success in a Busy, Busy World April 3 / 8:30am
Hayley Wickenheiser Dealing With Criticism and Pressure – How to Perform When it Matters Most April 3 / 12:30pm
Steve Gilliland Hide Your Goat April 3 / 3:30pm


Breakout Session Speakers by Track


Business Management & Strategy

Name Session Title Day/Time
Matthew Burns Using Predictive Analytics to Transform Your HR Strategy April 2 / 1:45pm
Stavros Demetriou, Deborah Versteeg The Future of HR: How are Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Automation transforming the HR function? April 2 / 1:45pm
Alan Oishi The Strategy Struggle: How to Align Organizational Culture to Deliver on Your Strategy April 2 / 1:45pm
Manu Varma Data & Love at Work: How are They the Same? April 2 / 1:45pm
John Bracken 1,000 Small Acts: Implementing Strategy Effectively April 3 / 2:30pm
Michael Watson Making Human Resources Strategically Invaluable – Driving Change Through People in Transformational Times April 3 / 2:30pm


Employment Law & Legislation

Name Session Title Day/Time
Suzanne Kennedy, Ryan Berger, Tamara Hunter Discipline, Performance Management and Privacy in the Age of AI and Electronic Monitoring April 2 / 10:45am
J. Geoffrey Howard, Mike Korbin, Martin Sheard Sweat the Small Stuff: Significant ESA Liabilities You Never Knew You Had (and How to Manage Them) April 2 / 10:45am
Rob Sider, Sandra Banister, Barry Dong What You Need to Know: Labour Relations Code Reform Update April 3 / 11:00am
Lisa Southern, Terry Honcharuk, Christopher Munroe Anatomy of an Investigation: Step by Step Tips on Effective Investigations April 3 / 11:00am


Organizational Effectiveness

Name Session Title Day/Time
Anne Nickerson, Wade King, Heather MacKenzie, Janice Rubin Organizational Impacts and Answers in the Wake of #MeToo
April 2 / 10:45am
Karen Bowen Organizational Life: End Toxic Cycles and Create the Patterns You want! April 2 / 10:45am
Matt Lievers, Connie Deschamps, Dr. Andrew Miki, Brooke Moss The ROI of Wellness: The Importance of Investing in the Mental and Physical Health of Your Employees April 2 / 10:45am
Michael Bach Developing and Measuring Your D&I Strategy: Lessons from the Field April 3 / 11:00am
Dave Phillips Strengthening Mental Health In The Workplace April 3 / 2:30pm


Personal and Professional Enrichment

Name Session Title Day/Time
Kalina Donald, Marlene Higgins, Michel Hogan Humanizing Your People’s Experience – Unlocking Your People’s Potential April 2 / 10:45am
Sandra McDowell Balanced Leadership: Leading with Heart and Backbone April 2 / 1:45am
Ron Tite The Coup: How to Lead and Create Disruption Within Organizations and Industries April 3 / 11:00am
Carolyn Stern Cultivating a Learning Organization – Why Experiential Learning and Emotional Intelligence Need to Be a Part of Your Employee Training April 3 / 11:00am
Steve Gilliland Detour April 3 / 11:00am
Helen Wong Building Resiliency: Tools and Strategies Your Team Needs to Champion the Pace of Change April 3 / 2:30pm


Talent Management

Name Session Title Day/Time
Natalie Michael, Kevin McElory, John Rose The CEO Succession Handoff – The Nuheat Story April 2 / 10:45am
Saeed Sadooghi Recruiting Outside Your Bubble April 2 / 1:45pm
Ailsa Forsgren, Ilana Hechter Driving a Market-Leading Employee Value Proposition April 2 / 1:45pm
Annika Reinhardt, Elizabeth Stewart Action-Oriented Paths to Pay Transparency: What Your Company Can Do Today to Help Close the Gender Gap April 3 / 2:30pm
Angelique Meyer, Michelle Penney She-Ra! Practical Tips to Boost Women Leaders in Your Organization April 3 / 2:30pm

Please note that speakers and schedule are subject to change.