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HR Conference + Tradeshow 2019 SMART STAGE

If you were given 7-10 minutes to speak to other HR leaders, what would you share? What would you most like to learn from your peers?

New this year at the HR Conference + Tradeshow we’re offering CPHR BC & Yukon members a space to share their ideas, present innovative solutions to common challenges, and inspire conversation in the form of  a 7-10 minute presentation at our Smart Stage.

If this is something that sounds interesting to you, keep reading and find out the details. If you are ready to submit your proposal, please use the online submission form before January 31st. Proposals sent by email will not be considered.

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2019 Schedule

Day / Time Session Title
April 2 / 10:00 am  Earn the Conference & Engage Your Team
April 2 / 10:15 am We Hear You! 2018 Member Survey Results
April 2 / 10:30 am  Recruiting Outside Your Bubble
April 2 / 12:00 pm  Coachingwise: The New Standard in Building, Embedding and Transforming Organizational Culture Through Coaching
April 2 / 12:15 pm  A Little Can Go A Long Way
April 2 / 12:30 pm  5 Immigration Tools for Your Talent Attraction & Retention Toolkit
April 2 / 12:45 pm  Mentoring Matters in the Future Of Work: Why You Should be a Protege or Mentor in Your Local HR Community 
April 2 / 1:00 pm  Unconscious Bias in the Workplace
April 2 / 1:15 pm  What Landmines to Avoid With HR Software Implementation 
April 2 / 1:30 pm  How Does Employee Engagement Work? Our Current Approach in Employee Engagement Can Have a Great Positive Impact in Short Term, but Kills Motivation in the Long Term
April 2 / 2:45 pm  Maintaining Your Competitive Edge While on Work Leave 
April 2 / 3:00 pm Treat Employees as Internal Customers
April 2 / 3:15 pm  Encouraging Diversity in the Profession: CPHR BC & Yukon’s Partnership with ISS of BC
April 2 / 5:00 pm The Professional Acrobat: 5 Keys to Inspiring and Rewarding an Agile Workforce
April 2 / 5:15 pm  Bridging the Distance: Managing and Engaging Remote Employees
April 2 / 5:30 pm Play Life! Experience the Transitional Shift From Working on Tasks to Playing Mindset
April 2 / 5:45 pm Harnessing the Power of Emotional Intelligence to Prepare You for the Incoming Gen Z Workforce
April 3 / 10:00 am What Job Allows You to Work and Travel Every Day? If You’ve Ever Wondered What It is Like Working as an HR Manager on a Cruise Ship, Here’s an Opportunity to Listen From One 
April 3 / 10:15 am Build Your Brand as an Employee of Choice
April 3 / 10:30 am Management by Objectives Made Better: Inject Values 
April 3 / 10:45 am  The Secret Ingredient for Organizational Change

When & Where

Smart Stage presentations will take place during the concurrent session programming during tradeshow hours (10am – 6pm on Tues. April 2nd and 10-11am on Wed. April 3rd at the Vancouver Convention Centre) at our 57th annual conference.FormatsScroll down for full descriptions of two suggested formats for Smart Stage presentations.

  • Mini Sessions: 10 minutes with/without a deck
  • 20X20 Talks: 20 slides, 20 seconds each, i.e. just under 7 minutes

Sample ThemesPossible session themes include, but are not limited to:

  • New technologies that have saved your organization time and/or money
  • Strategies that have been successfully implemented in your organization
  • Trends you think will affect business in the coming years
  • Solutions you think association professionals will appreciate
  • Life-changing and even life-saving tips you want to share
  • Wacky ideas that you think your peers might want to hear

 SubmissionsThe Smart Stage is a unique opportunity to share information with colleagues that would not fit into the usual session format. The more concise speaking slot works well with a more conversational and storytelling presentation style.Suggested Presentation FormatsMini SessionsMini sessions are 10-minute sessions that may or may not include a slide deck. While you’ll have access to a traditional AV setup  with a laptop, monitor, clicker and microphone when you present, you are not obligated to use these. You control both the format and the delivery; the sky’s the limit! Since your time is still limited, we encourage you to stay focused on the objective of your presentation. Mini-sessions do include additional time for questions, but it is not guaranteed, so make sure to cover your main points within the allotted 10 minutes.Keep in mind:

  • You will only be allotted 10 minutes, so be sure to rehearse and time yourself.
  • There will be approximately 20 chairs in the smart stage area for attendees to listen.
  • If you use slides, don’t read them. Your slides should complement your presentation rather than having your presentation clarify your slides.
  • Have fun! This short format style is a great way for you to gain experience presenting at conferences or to explore a new format while sharing your ideas with peers and industry leaders.

20X20 TalksA 20X20 talk is 20 slides at 20 seconds each in the style of PechaKucha or Ignite formats. We’ve included some helpful links below so you can explore further. These are highly recommended reading and viewing for anyone considering submitting a 20X20 talk.20X20 Talks require different preparation than typical conference sessions. Some tips to keep in mind:

  • Your slides are not visible long enough to be a major focus of your presentation. The slides should support what you’re saying, not make the point for you.
  • You’ll only have time to present 1 or 2 main points, explained or supported by your slides. It may be best to show one data slide and use the remaining slides to briefly introduce the idea and explain the rationale and consequences of the main point.
  • Your slides should focus more on quick, powerful visual impressions than on details. If you’re including complex figures or more than a couple of simple bullet points, then you’re saying too much on the slides.
  • Data intensive slides are very likely to create significant pacing problems for you. Since each slide is up for 20 seconds only, be careful about including too much content on a slide.
  • The slides will advance every 20 seconds, whether you’ve said everything you wanted to say or not. Plan for no more than three sentences for each slide (although two is better). Practicing your timing in advance is critical to avoid falling behind.
  • Assume your first and last slides (and therefore, 20 seconds) are here to introduce your topic and to wrap it up, respectively.
  • REHEARSE! Practice is even more important for a 20X20 presentation than it is for traditional talks.
  • Don’t let these differences intimidate you! Just be prepared and have fun!

Each 20X20 talk will feature 20 slides that advance automatically every 20 seconds. While there will be no scheduled time in-between individual presentations for Q&As, we encourage you to use the ample networking time built into the conference program to connect with speakers and pursue more in-depth conversations. These sessions will not be recorded.Resources to help you prepare:PechaKucha 20X20 Website FAQA PechaKucha about PechaKuchaHow to Make a PechaKuchaBuilding a PechaKucha in PowerPointHow to SubmitYou must submit your proposal using the online submission form before January 31st. Proposals sent by email will not be considered.Submission Tips

  • Make sure your title and description accurately reflect your session content. When considering a title, keep in mind that it should be able to stand alone and clearly convey what your presentation will cover.
  • Ensure that your description reflects learning objectives so that the right people are encouraged to participate in your session.

Key DatesPlease add these dates to your calendar up front, in the event that your presentation is accepted.Call for Presentation Deadline – January 31, 2019Acceptance and Rejection Notifications – Feb. 14, 2019Agreement Form Completion – Feb. 28, 2019Conference – Tues. April 2nd to Wed. April 3rd.RemunerationThere is no fee payable by for this engagement, but selected speakers will receive one free ticket to the keynote session of their choice.

Session Title Time / Date
Earn the Conference & Engage Your Team April 2 / 10:00am