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Keynote Speakers

Name Session Title Day/Time
Mel Robbins The 5 Second Rule: Achieve Breakthrough Performance in Your Career & Life April 2 / 8:30 am
Duncan Wardle The Theory of Creativity April 2 / 3:30pm
Ron Tite THINK. DO. SAY. A Guide for Personal and Corporate Success in a Busy, Busy World April 3 / 8:30am
Steve Gilliland Hide Your Goat April 3 / 3:30pm

 Session Details

The 5 Second Rule: Achieve Breakthrough Performance in Your Career & Life
DATE: Tuesday, April 2, 2019

TIME: 8:30am – 10:00am

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DESCRIPTION: Imagine if you had a secret weapon that helped you beat procrastination and self-doubt. What if you had the confidence and courage to take action and share your ideas with conviction? You’d be unstoppable.

In her globally praised TEDx talk, bestselling author, entrepreneur and social media influencer, Mel Robbins introduced the world to the science-backed secret to change—The 5 Second Rule. Over 14 million views later, The 5 Second Rule has become an international bestselling book translated into 29 languages, the #1 Audiobook in the world and a life-changing global movement inspiring people to quit procrastinating, become more courageous, accomplish goals, and change for the better.

Mel has used The 5 Second Rule to transform her own life. Since discovering and implementing The 5 Second Rule, Mel has become the most booked female speaker in the world, an award-winning legal analyst for CNN, an internationally acclaimed bestselling author, and the CEO of a media company that inspires more than 20 million people each month.

With riveting videos, case studies, compelling research, and hilarious personal stories, Mel will recount the deeply relatable and remarkable story of The 5 Second Rule and the power of five second decisions. She will demonstrate how this rule has helped people, teams, and businesses around the world change for the better. and, through audience interaction, she’ll show you how to use the Rule so you can also achieve your goals.

This is a life-altering speech filled with ground-breaking insights and a tool for action that is critical for selling, leadership development, innovation and success. Mel will present the secret to HOW we change behaviour, HOW to take smart risks, HOW you bring out the best in your team, and HOW to create the results that we covet at work and in life.

You’ll walk out of this experience with tools you can bring back to your team, your family, and your life – and you’ll leave feeling inspired, empowered, and able to take action.

Learning Objectives:
• Discover the secret to increasing productivity, confidence and courage
• Master The 5 Second Rule
• Leverage the science of habits to create immediate behaviour change
• Practice higher brain function that enables breakthrough performance
• Understand how five second decisions change your life and business
• Be inspired and uplifted to reach your potential


Mel Robbins is an expert on defeating doubt, an award-winning CNN commentator and a bestselling author. In her globally acclaimed TEDx talk, Mel Robbins wowed the world with the science-backed secret to change: “The 5 Second Rule”. Over 12 million views later, The 5 Second Rule has become a bestselling book and a life-changing movement that challenges thinking and accelerates personal and professional growth. A riveting, fun, and unforgettable speaker, Robbins has spoken to executives with many of the top leading brands, including Microsoft, JPMorgan Chase, Optum, Cisco, and AT&T.

Robbins’ bestselling book, Stop Saying You’re Fine, has been translated into four languages and is listed as one of the “Top Five Most Read” and “Most-Sold” books on Amazon. Her digital platform inspires more than 20 million people a month with transformative videos, articles, positive psychology research, and inspiring content.
In the media, Robbins is one of CNN’s most popular on-air commentators and opinion writers, where her articles drive tens of millions of page views for She has also appeared on Good Morning America, Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, Oprah, The Today Show and Fox News, and was named America’s Outstanding News Talk Show Host at the 2014 Gracie Awards.

The Theory of Creativity
DATE: Tuesday, April 2, 2019

TIME: 3:30pm – 5:00pm

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DESCRIPTION: I believe that everyone is Creative. I also believe that the ability to think Creatively is the one core human truth that will remain relevant in the brave new world of Artificial Intelligence.

But haven’t we all been told we’re not creative? So many times in fact, that we end up believing it. But weren’t we all kids once?

Indeed, it is that childlike curiosity that led Einstein and Edison to discover major new theories and Disney and Jobs to create major new industries. But hasn’t our education and corporate structure taught us that there is only one right answer, so much so, that we all stopped looking for the next one?

Now combine our lack of creativity and curiosity with the real world around us. Drones will most likely make fireworks irrelevant in less than a decade. 3D printing will most likely make the traditional tool industry obsolete in the next few years too.

So how will we survive if we keep doing “business as usual,” iterating to achieve quarterly results vs innovating to survive? How can we embed a sustainable culture of innovation and creativity throughout our organizations, rather than leaving it to the few?

Leaning on 25 years with the Walt Disney Company, most recently as Head of Innovation & Creativity, I am now on a mission to prove that everyone is creative, by designing a tangible innovation tool kit that normal people can use to “Think Different;” to solve real challenges back in the marketplace.

During my talk, I will demonstrate a series of unique Creative Behaviors and Innovation Tools that deliver revolutionary thinking and substantial business results.


Having worked for the Walt Disney Company for some 25 years, Duncan Wardle now serves as an independent innovation and design thinking consultant, helping companies around the globe embed a culture of innovation and creativity across their organizations, delivering a series of keynotes, training workshops and leading innovation projects. His unique Design Thinking process helps people capture unlikely connections, leading to both fresh thinking and revolutionary ideas.

Most recently Duncan was Head of Innovation and Creativity for the Walt Disney Company, where he helped support franchises such as Lucas Films, Pixar, Marvel, Disney Imagineering, Disney Parks and ESPN. Working as innovation catalyst and cultural change agent, he helped each line of business increase their capacity to innovate at scale.

He is a Ted X speaker and contributor to Fast Company Magazine. He lectures at Yale, the University of North Carolina, Duke University and the University of Florida. In 2008 he received the American Citizen of Choice Award at the White House. In 2014 he was awarded an Hons. Doctorate from Edinburgh University in Scotland. He also holds the Duke of Edinburgh Award presented by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

THINK. DO. SAY. A Guide for Personal and Corporate Success in a Busy, Busy World
DATE: Wednesday, April 3, 2019
TIME: 8:30am – 9:45am

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DESCRIPTION: Thinking is your beliefs and values. It’s not your product, it’s your purpose.

Doing is the decisions you make and actions you take to live your values.

Saying is how you communicate your values and actions: the internal or external selling, marketing, and promotion.

When an organization and all its people think, do, and say the same things, it creates complete alignment. But when an organization and its people DON’T think or do or say the same things, the result is an integrity gap. That’s not good for careers. And it’s certainly not good for business.

This entertaining and enlightening keynote will not only inspire your people to change their thoughts and actions to align with the organization. It’ll also give them the tools to do it.


Relevant, engaging, and interactive, Ron Tite exceeds expectations each and every time he takes the stage. Named one of the “Top 10 Creative Canadians” by Marketing Magazine, he’s been an award-winning advertising writer and creative director for some of the world’s most respected brands, including Air France, Evian, Hershey, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft, Intel, Microsoft, and Volvo. Addressing a variety of topics surrounding branding, corporate strategy, creativity, content, and social media, Tite’s presentations are not only information-packed, they’re also infused with his unique humour–guaranteed to have you laughing while you learn.

Currently, Tite is Founder and CEO of Church & State, a content marketing agency based in Toronto. His work has been recognized by The London International Advertising Awards, The New York Festivals of Advertising, The Crystals, The Extras, The Canadian Marketing Association, and The Marketing Awards, to name just a few.

Tite is also executive producer and host of the Canadian Comedy Award-winning show Monkey Toast, and publisher of the award-winning and bestselling humour book, This is That Travel Guide to Canada, with CBC Radio’s hit show, This is That. He has written for a number of other television series, penned a children’s book, and wrote, performed, and produced the play, The Canadian Baby Bonus.

Hide Your Goat
DATE: Wednesday, April 3, 2019
TIME: 3:45pm – 5:00pm

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DESCRIPTION: Our fast-paced and stress-filled schedules open the gate to allow people and circumstances every opportunity to “get our goat.” HIDE YOUR GOAT puts into perspective how your daily life intersects with people of diverse backgrounds, opinions and personalities. In this eye-opening session, Steve Gilliland shows how to avoid being robbed of the opportunity to perform at peak performance because of negativity.

A member of the Speaker Hall of Fame, Steve Gilliland is one of the most in-demand and top-rated speakers in the world. Recognized as a master storyteller and brilliant comedian, he can be heard daily on SiriusXM Radio’s Laugh USA and Jeff & Larry’s Comedy Roundup. With an appeal that transcends barriers of age, culture and occupation—plus an interactive and entertaining style—Steve shows audiences how to open doors to success in their careers, their relationships and their lives. Presenting to over 250,000 people a year, more than two million have now heard him speak, with audiences encompassing nearly three dozen industries. Steve has the distinction of speaking in all 50 states and in 15 countries. As one newspaper stated, “Steve is what happens when the humor of a stand-up comic collides with the inspiration of motivational speaker.”

In addition to his brilliant speaking career, Steve is a prolific, accomplished author, evidenced by four of his books—Enjoy The Ride, Making a Difference, Hide Your Goat and Detour—perennially making the publisher’s bestseller list and his being named Author of the Year. His thought-provoking writing style makes his articles a favorite with nationally prominent magazines. He influences the lives of millions through his presentations, books, CDs and DVDs. An extensive array of these products has been utilized by small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, U.S. and Canadian government agencies, churches, school districts and nonprofit organizations. Speaking the language of active business leaders, his books and CDs identify practical lessons that grow people and their businesses.

Everyone who hears his message leaves with a renewed sense of enthusiasm for who they are and for what really matters.

Please note that speakers and schedule are subject to change.