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Ask a CPHR - Jerome J. Collins
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“I chose the CPHR designation as it could provide me with a broader Canada-wide perspective. Ultimately, the CPHR is the designation of leaders for both current and future HR professionals.ˮ

With over thirty years of experience that included senior management roles as well as a Professorship in Human Resources, 2018 was the year to pursue my CPHR designation.

The CPHR has provided me with a rounding and confirmation of my years of human resources training both in the United States and Canada. Since obtaining my CPHR, many students are interested and have asked me to aid them in obtaining their eventual CPHR designation.

The hundreds of students who I lead through their academic careers will be provided with a more global Canadian approach to pursuing the CPHR designation. As an educational institution, we are constantly revising and adding curriculum to face the future of HR. My research course is based on Canada as our global partner, where CPHR competencies will be incorporated into our learning modules. Plus, networking with a professional peer community for our students in undergraduate and post-graduate studies will be very instrumental in their future success.

Jerome Collins, CPHR
Professor/Coordinator Human Resources/Management & Economics
St. Clair College, Windsor, ON

Ask A CPHR - Serena Morphy
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As I’ve grown my career, I’ve been fortunate to experience the support of an entire association focused around my development and career advancement. I am truly grateful for the power of my network and the support of the profession.ˮ

Joining CPHR BC & Yukon and earning my CPHR designation came in tandem. I found myself stepping into a world in which I was able to connect and collaborate with other members. Eight years later, I can look back and see the many ways it has positively enriched my career path through connections, collaborations and learnings. The superpower of community never fails to amaze me. As I’ve transitioned and grown my career, I’ve been fortunate to experience the support of an entire association focused around my development and career advancement. I am truly grateful for the power of my network and the support of the profession.

Creating connection then leads to collaboration. As an HR professional and CPHR, I feel I have a duty to use my voice to help steer the profession. I have found great value in partaking in the Advisory Council, Professional Mentorship Program and Conference Steering Committee as it allows me to work alongside others, share ideas, and ultimately generate results for the association and the profession.

From conferences, symposiums and roundtables, there are ample learning opportunities with CPHR BC & Yukon to stay current on trends and best practices and maintain my designation. I highly recommend the CPHR designation and CPHR BC & Yukon to anyone considering it, but would also add, it is what you make of it. I encourage others to actively utilize their designation and membership.

Serena Morphy, CPHR
Human Resources Manager
Western Forest Products, Vancouver, BC

Ask a CPHR - Jacob Sol
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“Though not the standard human resources professional, I would like others to be aware that a synergy exists when we fuse principles of HRM with atypical areas of expertise such as those of the school leaders.ˮ

As a public-school principal, I am responsible for the exceptional delivery of educational services. Working in what is essentially a service-oriented profession, educational leaders manage, supervise and lead school employees as we deliver student success. By way of their roots as school teachers, principals traditionally concentrate on professional development activities that are focused on educational innovation and strategy specific to student development. Given time, the principal is expected to become expert in this area, often at the expense of the acquisition of knowledge, skill and ability in concepts of management and leadership.

Human resource management is a critically important area of my work and in recognizing that my expertise of this field was limited, I began to expand my professional development in this area. Before long, I recognized the impact that HRM study had on my work with school employees. By becoming better at working with the employment and learning needs of the professional and para-professional staff, the more efficient the entire operation became; transferring impressively to the student learning environment.

Personal professional development in this area fostered an interest in the CPHR designation. As a CPHR, learning resources and professional network opportunities extend my expertise and effectiveness as a leader of people. Additionally, the CPHR designation is widely recognizable and, even in the industry of education, employers appreciate the rigor and quality that the CPHR represents.

I often speak to colleagues about the value of study in human resource management and the positive impact this has on my overall practice. There are professionals in unique leadership roles where human resource support is not the core mandate of the operation and where access to such expertise is limited. Many, like myself, can benefit from the learning, recognition, and expanded opportunities for career advancement and diversification that I have enjoyed as a CPHR.

Jacob Sol, CPHR
District Principal
Surrey School District No 36, Surrey, BC

Ask a CPHR - Kara Biles
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“The CPHR designation demonstrates to my employer, peers and wider network that I possess a strong HR knowledge framework and understanding, have high ethical standards and am committed to continuous learning and development.ˮ

I decided to pursue the CPHR designation because of the value received in confirming my HR knowledge, access to ongoing training and information, updates on legislation and the numerous roundtables, workshops and networking opportunities available.

The impact that the CPHR has had on my career has been instrumental in propelling my growth forward, providing exposure to HR leaders and career contacts, mentors and coaches, as well as providing confidence in my skillset and capabilities.

The connections and deep relationships that I have cultivated through CPHR BC & Yukon have also been invaluable to my career in providing opportunities to discover best practices and emerging trends, develop as an HR leader, and utilize the knowledge of other subject matter experts to work through challenging situations.

Kara Biles, CPHR
Director, Learning and Leadership
Canfor, Prince George, BC

Ask a CPHR - Karen Petit
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My career has taken me across the public sector in two provinces, working as an HR professional in roles from entry level, up to leadership positions. I believe the CPHR designation has, as a preferred qualification on many postings, assisted in screening me into a number of job competitions in which I became the successful candidate.ˮ

I decided to pursue the CPHR designation because of the value received in confirming my HR knowledge, access to ongoing training and information, updates on legislation and the numerous roundtables, workshops and networking opportunities available.

The CPHR is well known by leaders and executives in many organizations. You know that when a designated professional is hired, they will be able to handle almost any people situation that comes up whether basic or complex. And it should come as no surprise that having an HR professional with a CPHR on your team can save your company time and reputation when people situations are handled right the first time.

Each of the employers I have been privileged to work with has valued the designation. They recognize that HR professionals with the CPHR are experienced professionals providing quality advice, consultation, strategies and ideas that support the organization’s business needs. And that’s a good thing!

I have always been a continuous learner and early in my career I learned about the CPHR. The designation was appealing to me personally because it demonstrates proficiency and competence in the HR field. You know that when someone has completed their CPHR and maintained the Continuous Professional Development requirement, the individual brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to their role. Additionally, it provides people like me with the confidence to support and provide leaders in our organizations with professional HR advice.

The designation has also opened the door to meet other CPHRs throughout the island and the province. I have enjoyed attending events led by the association and sharing ideas as a collaborative group with other CPHRs too.

Karen Pettit, CPHR
Senior Manager, Strategic Human Resources
Economy Sector, BC Public Service, Victoria, BC