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Chartered Professionals
in Human Resources

Public Relations

Policy Summary

Public relations is an important method to extend the association’s reach into the business community. Effective PR can mold the CPHR BC & Yukon brand, its services and offerings, as well as the profession of human resources. CPHR BC & Yukon created a public relations policy to promote a ‘one-voice’ strategy. The association is committed to promoting CPHR BC & Yukon’s vision, empowering employees and providing value to our membership.

Media Relations

Always consult with the provincial CPHR BC & Yukon office before interviewing or commenting to the media on behalf of the association. CPHR BC & Yukon is working hard to develop specific branding and messaging within the community and wants to ensure this messaging is at the forefront of any contact with the media. All requests for media interview must be directed to CPHR BC & Yukon’s provincial office.

Press Releases

All press releases for provincial initiatives will be drafted and distributed by CPHR BC & Yukon’s provincial office. Press releases for regional events and issues can be self-directed with collaboration between volunteers and regional member relations managers. However, the provincial office must review it prior to sending to the media. Please note: all images relating to the release must have appropriate permissions.

Community Opportunities

Volunteers are encouraged to provide CPHR BC & Yukon staff with information on tradeshows, networking events, and potential sponsorship or partnership opportunities. Information should be complete and include deadlines and contact details.

Event Calendars and Promotion

With collaboration between volunteers and regional member relations managers, information about CPHR BC & Yukon events can be posted on online calendars and bulletin boards. Please adhere to the information on CPHR BC & Yukon’s event calendar.