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Chartered Professionals
in Human Resources

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Keynote Speakers

Name Session Title Day/Time
Mike Walsh Designing Your Business for the 21st Century May 2 / 8:30am
Margaret Heffernan The One Firm Firm: How to Get the Best from Everyone May 2 / 3:30pm
Josh Bersin The Future of Work: Ways HR Should Adapt May 3 / 8:30am
Elizabeth Gilbert Creative Living Beyond Fear May 3 / 3:30pm


Breakout Session Speakers by Track

Business Management & Strategy

Name Session Title Day/Time
Rusty Lindquist Accelerating the Evolution of HR May 2 / 10:45am
Michael Timms Taking Your Succession Plan From Good To Great May 2 / 10:45am
Jay-Ann Gilfoy Leading a Large Organization Through Enterprise-Scale Change May 3 / 10:45am
Tim Vigue, Janelle Aaker, Tej Singh Hazra, Anna Tudela The Competitive Edge: Advancing Diversity and Inclusion May 3 / 10:45am
Rick Lash Purpose Powered Success May 3 / 2:15pm


Employment Law & Legislation

Name Session Title Day/Time
Greg Gowe, Diane Akelaitis, Carman J. Overholt, Kevin Zemp Managing the Mobile Workforce May 2 / 10:45am
Rob Sider, Nicole Byres, Gabrielle Scorer, Nicole Skuggedal Cause and Effect: Proof and Perils of a Just Cause Allegation May 2 / 10:45am
Taryn Mackie, Valerie Dixon, Angelica Marshall, Shawn Mitton Harassment: What does it mean and what does it not include May 2 / 1:45pm
Veronica Rossos, Suzanne Kennedy Privacy: Latest issues regarding privacy and tracking employees May 3 / 10:45am


Leadership & Personal Development

Name Session Title Day/Time
Roger Haskett The Power of Play May 2 / 1:45pm
Lane Sherman Leading Without Power May 3 / 10:45am
Stéphane Grenier New Paradigms: Mental Health in the Workplace May 3 / 2:15pm
Bruna Martinuzzi Stand Out In The Room With Your PowerPoint May 3 / 2:15pm
Steve Patty Immunity to Change May 3 / 2:15pm


Organizational Effectiveness

Name Session Title Day/Time
Peter Comrie How Clarity Drives Business Results in this New Paradigm May 2 / 10:45am
Darren Jacklin Building Confidence and Employee Accountability within your Organization May 2 / 1:45pm
Drew Dennis, Kai Scott Are You Ready to Support Transgender Employees? May 3 / 10:45am
Greg Pryor Shifting from Performance Management to Enablement May 3 / 2:15pm


Talent Management

Name Session Title Day/Time
Maurice Fernandes Social Media – An HR Powertool May 2 / 10:45am
Doug Fletcher, Kelsey Vincent, Naz Kullar,
Jerry Gratton
Workforce Planning: Challenge Accepted! May 2 / 1:45pm
Phil Pallen Is Your Baby Ugly? May 2 / 1:45pm
Basil Rowe, Mark Szypko A Fresh Approach to Compensation May 2 / 1:45pm
Carmen Hudson, Brian Thompson, Yvonne Wu New Products, New Tools, New Methods and New Models for Recruiting May 3 / 10:45am
Sean Fitzpatrick From Employee Engagement to Employee Experience May 3 / 2:15pm

Please note that speakers and schedule are subject to change.